We evaluate company environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities, with a focus on the material and intangible assets that can drive a company’s growth. Strategy development includes a Baseline Review, Stakeholder Engagement Survey and Benchmarking Report, which form the basis of a company specific Opportunities and Risks Report, Strategy Matrix and Stakeholder Map. This phase:
  • Uncovers new opportunities for value creation
  • Prioritizes stakeholder issues and options for constructive engagement
  • Identifies corporate responsibility and sustainability best practices
  • Accelerates organizational learning
  • Lays groundwork for further sustainability integration and communication
SPN conducts a comprehensive baseline review that creates a framework to identify strategic risks and opportunities. The review examines corporate governance and policies, management systems, product & service innovation and operational data per sustainability criteria:
  • Board Level Responsibility
  • Internal Ethics and Audit Committees
  • Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Resource Use and Efficiency
  • Sustainability Benefits of Company Products and Services
We examine corporate engagement with all stakeholders—shareholders and investors, customers, employees, business partners and suppliers, regulatory agencies, communities and non-governmental organizations—with a focus on the alignment of company performance with investor expectations, customer needs and responsiveness to employee and community concerns.
We evaluate the company’s record of stakeholder engagement, its capacity to identify strategic issues and the quality of existing stakeholder dialogue and their tangible outcomes. The resulting preliminary Stakeholder Map outlines opportunities for effective outreach and communication, constructive problem-solving and relationship building.
SPN benchmarks key performance areas against industry peers and sustainability leaders to identify emerging trends and best practices. This establishes an informed context for sustainability goal setting and planning while accelerating organizational learning. The Benchmarking Matrix provides insight on performance gaps and conveys company positioning within its competitive set. Benchmarking areas of focus:
  • Position on Climate Change
  • Corporate Reporting & Disclosure
  • Governance, Policy and Management Systems
  • Participation in Key Sustainability Initiatives
  • SRI Fund and Sustainability Index Listings
This comprehensive report builds upon the baseline review, benchmarking analysis and stakeholder engagement survey to identify strategic priorities for sustainable value creation. The document presents market drivers, company sustainability issues and performance, key findings that serve as a blueprint to integrate sustainability throughout the organization.
Report Components:
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Sustainable Value Drivers
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Performance Enhancement Strategies
  • Stakeholder Map
  • Strategy Matrix
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