Using the Opportunities and Risk Report framework, SPN works with senior executives to establish consensus on sustainability strategy and align initiatives with corporate goals. We work with our clients to set objectives, measures and targets to maximize sustainable value by cascading strategy through all relevant business functions.
Stakeholder EngagementCommunicate corporate sustainability performancePublication dateOctoberDevelop sustainability report
Market new products & servicesRevenue per customer+15Create marketing campaign
Business ProcessDevelop new products & servicesNew products & services5Establish innovation center
Reduce resource useRaw materials intensityRM – 7%
E – 15%
Increase resource recycling
Knowledge & SkillsDevelop capacityWorkforce training100%Sustainability training
Motivate workforceKPI improvement25%Performance incentives
Stakeholder Value Share price10% 
 Dow Jones Sustainability2025
The Matrix provides the framework to:
  • Map the causal relationships that create sustainable stakeholder value
  • Develop process specific sustainability strategy and implementation plans
  • Communicate strategy throughout the organization
  • Conduct periodic and systematic strategic reviews for continuous improvement
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