sustainable is profitable

Sustainable Real Estate

Covid 19’s historic and ongoing negative impact on world health and the economy, and Local Law 97’s imminent carbon emissions caps and penalties under the broader Climate Mobilization Act, require real estate owners and developers to optimize environmental sustainability, and tenant health and well-being. Developing a comprehensive sustainability plan to meet these conditions and position your portfolio to reduce risk and maximize opportunity is requisite for success.
SPN [business ecology] works closely with owners and their project teams to develop and maintain sustainable buildings and portfolios that deliver superior return on investment. We optimize site, envelope, energy, water, indoor air quality, and materials solutions to increase the value of your projects and portfolio. Our strategies and solutions consider global impacts, local and regional conditions, preservation of natural resources, community development, occupant health and comfort, building systems efficiencies, first costs and operating costs.

Enhanced environmental and social performance yields superior asset value

Provides a framework for developers to set and achieve their sustainability goals

Computational analysis to integrate sustainability features into project design

Comply with present, prepare for future legislation

Increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs

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